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Cavemen Use Hammers and Clubs more than Rifles

A little something from a couple of years ago but the stats haven’t changed much I recon. Rob. FBI: MORE PEOPLE KILLED WITH HAMMERS, CLUBS EACH YEAR THAN RIFLES According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a […]

FLEOA Supports Ben Carson’s Fight Stance

  “Everyone has to understand; an active shooter is not there to rob a bank, they’re there to rob your life.”A POWERFUL defense of Ben Carson’s comments made by the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Jon Adler Posted by Fox & Friends on Thursday, October 8, 2015  Video

Chick is an Idiot Spouting the Party Line

Brainwashing is the only reason I can think of that an entire political class in our country buys into this bullshit. Serious consideration has to be given to associating with anyone who believes that more taxes and less pay is a financial solution, less guns is a crime prevention strategy and that a fetus isn’t […]

Extremist Much? Sierra McGrone Flag Rant

Video is Not Suitable For Work! It is becoming more apparent that the divide in the USA among the races, genders, and classes is at a critical point. Our future depends on more than just who the POTUS is or what the next attack on the Second Amendment will be. Such a large portion of […]

More Guns, Less Illegals and Smarter Politicians

“Never let a tragedy go to waste!” The progressive policy of fear and knee jerk policy making is all to present in the recent murder of Kate Steinle. Kate was murdered by Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, an 5 time deported and 7 time felon, who used a stolen pistol to commit this horrible crime. But, Sanchez’s […]

Its Groundhog Day in Chicago

This morning it is being reported that 62 people were shot in the city of Chicago over the 4th of July weekend, 10 of those fatally. This must be some sort of fluke you may say. But no. Its not! Because in 2014 more than 60 people were shot leaving 9 dead. I know this doesn’t come as […]

Another Failed Immigration Policy

While the President and administration claim that our country needs a unending influx of outside help to make America work, it is a cold harsh reality that slaps us in the face when lives, security, money, and our true national interests are harmed in a public way. Much of what is wrong stays hidden in […]