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A Tec-9 Malfunctions. Good Thing for the Good Guy

This one is bouncing around the news channels this morning but let us look at something else. My buddy Greg Ellifritz (an LEO in OH and Instructor himself) cataloged all the guns that came in off the street and found some amazing results. Like not being loaded, partially loaded, mix match of ammo, wrong ammo, […]

SSD: Ken Hackathorn “Finger Position is Key”

I’ve had the debate of safety on/safety off during reloads/malfunction clearances with multiple peers and students over the years. Ken sums it up nicely in terms that everyone can relate to. As in, not all guns are built the same! In other words, why base a mindset¬†off of one weapon system that doesn’t equate to […]

Frank Proctor – Gunfighter Moment

Frank talks about some of the ways that competition has improved his tactical skill sets over the years and talks about conducting yourself in a safe manner without loosing time (i.e. running the safety on a rifle). The original article from Soldier Systems Daily is below… Soldier Systems Gunfighter Moment – Frank Proctor Gun Handling […]