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A Tec-9 Malfunctions. Good Thing for the Good Guy

This one is bouncing around the news channels this morning but let us look at something else. My buddy Greg Ellifritz (an LEO in OH and Instructor himself) cataloged all the guns that came in off the street and found some amazing results. Like not being loaded, partially loaded, mix match of ammo, wrong ammo, […]

Shooting Illustrated – Clearing Corners Primer

A lot of good information here for the novice CQB Tactician. Clearing a structure sucks when you have a team. It sucks worse when you are by yourself. Take your time when you can, Move when you have to and learn to change gears in a microsecond. Here’s some highlights from the article penned by Richard […]

Not All CNN Reporters are so Liberal

Kept calm, worked as a team, communicated, continued to fight even after being shot three times. Excellent work from the de Caro family. From the original article… Tomorio Walton, 27, was killed by former CNN reporter Chuck de Caro in a “shootout” during a robbery at a Motel 6 just before midnight Tuesday, police and de Caro’s […]