Russia’s Abandon Space Shuttles

I remember sitting in my fourth grade classroom huddled around the Multi-media stand to watch the first US Space Shuttle launch. Today with our shuttle program (and space program for that matter) shut down, seeing these photos from the Russian shuttle program gives you reason to want to pay a few taxes to make sure that our history stays somewhat intact in the museums across America….


From the Business Insider… Here

In 1974, Russia launched its largest, most expensive project in space exploration history.

The stars of the project, called the Buran program, were its space shuttles, which were built in secret from designs the Soviet secret police stole from NASA.

The Soviets invested anywhere from tens of millionsto billions on the project, which was terminated in 1993. The sites where the shuttles were Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 6.00.14 AMlaid to rest have since been completely abandoned.

Photographer Ralph Mirebs recently visited one of these dust-ridden graveyards and chronicled the journey on his LiveJournal blog, where you can see the full collection.


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