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SSD: Ken Hackathorn “Finger Position is Key”

I’ve had the debate of safety on/safety off during reloads/malfunction clearances with multiple peers and students over the years. Ken sums it up nicely in terms that everyone can relate to. As in, not all guns are built the same! In other words, why base a mindset off of one weapon system that doesn’t equate to […]

Jeff Gonzales Lays It Down

“Everything works until it doesn’t, be open to change. If you are invested into something so much you cannot look past it’s limitations you are doomed to failure, it’s only a matter of time.” Read Jeff’s Article here… Link. Thanks for reminding us all to keep pushing the limits Jeff. Rob.

Shooting Illustrated – Clearing Corners Primer

A lot of good information here for the novice CQB Tactician. Clearing a structure sucks when you have a team. It sucks worse when you are by yourself. Take your time when you can, Move when you have to and learn to change gears in a microsecond. Here’s some highlights from the article penned by Richard […]

Frank Proctor – Gunfighter Moment

Frank talks about some of the ways that competition has improved his tactical skill sets over the years and talks about conducting yourself in a safe manner without loosing time (i.e. running the safety on a rifle). The original article from Soldier Systems Daily is below… Soldier Systems Gunfighter Moment – Frank Proctor Gun Handling […]