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Jeff Gonzales Lays It Down

“Everything works until it doesn’t, be open to change. If you are invested into something so much you cannot look past it’s limitations you are doomed to failure, it’s only a matter of time.” Read Jeff’s Article here… Link. Thanks for reminding us all to keep pushing the limits Jeff. Rob.

Sean Kendrick Says “Solid dudes makin’ solid knives. Check ’em out.”

Well Ok Sean! A little background for you. While working overseas I saw one of Sean’s knives made the cover of Blade Magazine. In the market for a new fixed blade I called Sean from the company office and chatted with him for a few minutes. He fired up the smitty and made me a […]

Kriss to Bid In US Army Pistol Contract

A couple of years ago I was in Saudi Arabia heading up the training of the Royal Guard on the LWRC 6.8 rifle that had just been put into service. Next to my rifle bay was the team from Sphinx doing the second phase of training for the RG. Needless to say I spent some […]

“A manually operated device in the digital age”

Francis Borek writes a piece on wheel guns that is worthy of your time. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a revolver fan and despite my wallet own more than I should.  ~ Rob From the article… Is it possible for a handgun to be perfect? No. There is always some sort of […]

Breach Bang Clear’s Advice on Air Travel w/Guns

The Mad Duo (Duo Dave actually) have put together an easy to read (no big words) and easy to follow (broken down in steps) guide to unfucking yourself at the airport when you are traveling with your guns. Posted in its entirety so visit Breach Bang Clear and never miss a thing. Especially Cheek Weld Wednesday! From […]