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A Tec-9 Malfunctions. Good Thing for the Good Guy

This one is bouncing around the news channels this morning but let us look at something else. My buddy Greg Ellifritz (an LEO in OH and Instructor himself) cataloged all the guns that came in off the street and found some amazing results. Like not being loaded, partially loaded, mix match of ammo, wrong ammo, […]

Cavemen Use Hammers and Clubs more than Rifles

A little something from a couple of years ago but the stats haven’t changed much I recon. Rob. FBI: MORE PEOPLE KILLED WITH HAMMERS, CLUBS EACH YEAR THAN RIFLES According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a […]

Russia’s Abandon Space Shuttles

I remember sitting in my fourth grade classroom huddled around the Multi-media stand to watch the first US Space Shuttle launch. Today with our shuttle program (and space program for that matter) shut down, seeing these photos from the Russian shuttle program gives you reason to want to pay a few taxes to make sure that […]

Yale University Offering Course Teaching the Ethics of Looting

If the measure of your education is measured against this then we are completely lost as a nation. To think that for all the money a family will spend on a ivy league education for their child they couldn’t pay for the damage of one mob looting a inner city street. Kids would be better […]

SSD: Ken Hackathorn “Finger Position is Key”

I’ve had the debate of safety on/safety off during reloads/malfunction clearances with multiple peers and students over the years. Ken sums it up nicely in terms that everyone can relate to. As in, not all guns are built the same! In other words, why base a mindset off of one weapon system that doesn’t equate to […]

Jeff Gonzales Lays It Down

“Everything works until it doesn’t, be open to change. If you are invested into something so much you cannot look past it’s limitations you are doomed to failure, it’s only a matter of time.” Read Jeff’s Article here… Link. Thanks for reminding us all to keep pushing the limits Jeff. Rob.

Another Piece of Human Garbage Kills

It wasn’t a gun that killed Drue Lehto, a 17 Month old little boy. It was the 20 year old girlfriend of the little boy’s father. This piece of trash kicked the little boy because he was doing what kids do. The article makes no mention if she hit her own child that was present. […]