A Tec-9 Malfunctions. Good Thing for the Good Guy

This one is bouncing around the news channels this morning but let us look at something else. My buddy Greg Ellifritz (an LEO in OH and Instructor himself) cataloged all the guns that came in off the street and found some amazing results. Like not being loaded, partially loaded, mix match of ammo, wrong ammo, non-functioning in need of repair, etc. I’ll post his findings in another post.

For this clip though we can gleam a few things.

Reactionary Time Delay: If you are being victimized don’t think that your screams for help are going to initiate an immediate large response from everyone around. Most people need time to “think about it” before making an a move. 

Watch the video

Mindset: The good guy had the right motive to intervene, albeit misguided to go without any show of force. Now while I am sure that the single 9mm round into the belly hurt like hell it was not immediately life threatening. However he accepted he was going to die and allowed the Tec-9 to be pointed at his head instead of continuing to mount a defense.

Lesson learned from the shit head: Gun Handling Matters. There is a reason that I teach weapon malfunction clearance drills in the earliest stages of training. Why I preach a personal method of loading/unloading/verifying the condition of your weapon in a similar fashion to how to clear a malfunction. A malfunctioned weapon should not be a surprise to the point you stop and stare at your blaster trying to figure out why it didn’t go BANG when you wanted it to.

Now back to Greg’s findings and what it MAY mean for us: Your quality training, backed by a quality weapon system, carry method, situational awareness and mindset may very well be the difference between living and dying.

Train Hard, Train Smart


See the video here on Live Leak


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